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May 28th, 2017 by admin

If you’re wholesaling real estate, you probably already know about bandit signs – those signs you see posted at busy intersections or other high traffic areas. Bandit signs are one of the most effective and inexpensive ways to market your business. I’m going to show you how to take the power of bandit sign advertising a step further by using mini bandit signs.

In my local area, I’m using these Jason BuysHouses signs, but if you’re going to brand yourself correctly then you want more than just these signs:

For bandit signs to be effective, you must use several different things that let people know who you are. So, what we do is put up these regular size bandit signs around the area, but another thing we do is hit the local parking lots with mini bandit signs that look like business cards.

Placement of these mini bandit signs is really important. Most people stick mini bandit signs on the cars’ windshield, but who’s going to ever look at them? It’ll probably blow away in the wind! There’s a better way to get these mini bandit signs into the hands of motivated sellers. Place these cards in a place where people are going to see them, grab them, and hopefully do something with them. Putting the cards right above the door handle is the best way to advertise with mini bandit signs:

Mini bandit signs are really business cards, but I call these mini bandit signs because they match your other marketing. Mini bandit signs are just smaller, allowing you to put them right on cars. For about $50 or $60, you can get about 5,000 of these mini bandit signs printed. We put ‘Jason Buys Houses’ and the phone number on the front, and on the back, we also put that we have a $500 referral offer if we close on a property.

Always make sure your marketing matches so people will recognize who you are and will call you. Be sure you obtain an easy-to-remember phone number and place your mini bandit signs where people are obviously going to see them, like their cars.

Thanks for taking the time to learn how to attract motivated sellers with mini bandit signs. If you’d like to learn more check out my free video series, where I’ll show you how to go from Zero to $25,000 in 14 days flipping houses.



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