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May 28th, 2017 by admin

When you first get into wholesaling real estate, finding buyers can be one of the biggest challenges. The reality is, there are many ways to find cash buyers, but some of these are easier than others. With social media being such a big part of nearly every business, using Facebook is one of the best ways to find buyers. But how do you do this?

First, start by searching for local real estate groups on Facebook. To do this, just go to the top of search bar and search for Tampa real estate or whatever area you’re in. So just put the name your city then type, ‘real estate’ and then click search. You’ll be presented with a few options, from personal and business profiles, to groups and apps associated with your search.


You’ll click on the groups section, which will show you all the groups focused specifically on real estate in your area. You will then want to start joining some of those groups. Some groups are open and you can jump right in and start posting, while others are private and you will have to wait for approval before you can see posts or comment.

Once you’re officially in one of these real estate groups, you will want to make sure to engage in the conversation going on in these groups. Participate on a regular basis by liking and commenting, as well as asking and answering questions within the Facebook group. Once you start responding and commenting it’s very likely some of those people will start requesting you to be their friend on Facebook and you may also request other group members to be your friend also because you know that they’re interested in what you’re saying. These people are commenting on the same posts and they represent people you can network with. Joining groups on Facebook is a great way to network and find buyers. When you comment, make sure you’re interacting with the group members and don’t be afraid to post the exciting things you’re doing in your real estate business. You could post about a house that you put under contract or any other things you have going on.

When adding friends that you’ve discovered in your local Facebook real estate groups, you might want send to them an inbox message: “Hey we’re part of this group together I was wondering what you do in real estate?” or maybe “We’re in same the real estate group and I just sent you a friend request to see if we can do any business together in future.” You just need to send a simple message or comment like that.

The next thing you want to do is let people know that you’re a buyer and seller of real estate. I know what you’re thinking: “Well how can I do that without just saying I’m a buyer? Anybody can say they’re a buyer and seller of real estate.” Well, when you have a property under contract you can post a link to that property inside the Facebook Groups. Your caption can read something like this:

Hot New Real Estate Deal Available in Your Area!

You can also add other information like your contact details or even a link to your website. Group members can then click this link and see the properties you have for sale. Doing this helps identify you as someone who has properties available for them to purchase in your local area.

The next thing you want to do is branch out from just local real estate groups because you’ll find that not all buyers are local. Some buyers are national or even international, so also start joining some regional real estate groups. Instead of putting your city as the search term, put your state in to find regional real estate groups. You may also want to join some national and international groups, and through those you can start commenting and engaging in the conversation just to let people know you’re there and you’re actively doing real estate deals.

Once you’ve joined some groups, started engaging in conversation, adding friends, and posting your properties then start posting links to your buyers list. One of the easiest ways to accomplish this is to use a squeeze page. A squeeze page is essentially a page used to collect names and email addresses of potential buyers. Here’s an example:



So how do you get a squeeze page? Well, you can use all different types of services but it may be simpler to use an all-in-one service like FreedomSoft. They have squeeze pages in a database and a place where you can send emails about your properties at the same time.

Another way to get more exposure for your buyers list is to join a user program like Leadpages where you can create different squeeze pages within the software and then use an email service like AWeber, which is a database that collects names and email addresses and streamlines email marketing. I know some of this is basic stuff and some of you are more advanced than that, but I just want to give you some ideas and alternatives to use in your real estate business.

The next thing you want to do is post to all these groups. Be careful not to post too much, too fast. Try to post to these groups one by one because Facebook frowns upon too much sharing to too many groups.

You can most definitely use Facebook to find buyers. I’ll give you a quick example. Just a couple of months ago I put the house under contract and the day after a contract I was just going to test and see what happens. I posted a picture on my actual personal Facebook page of the progress I was making with the caption, “Just put this property under contract. Excited about this!” Within hours, two or three other investors instant messaged on Facebook about the property. One of those investors purchased the property! This is why it’s a great idea to use Facebook as a tool to network with other investors and to add to your buyers list so you can more effectively sell properties in your area.

So to recap, join some local, national, and international real estate Facebook groups, comment and engage in conversation in these groups, and network with other investors in your area. After you’re comfortable with members in the group, start posting links to your properties as well as links to your buyers list or squeeze page. This will help you collect names and email addresses so that way when you have a new property that’s updated, you can just send an email to let people know about the properties available.

Thanks for taking the time to learn how to use Facebook to find cash buyers. If you’d like to learn more, check out my free video series, where I’ll show you how to go from Zero to $25,000 in 14 days flipping houses


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