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Originally from Charlotte, NC, Jason Gaston “the Freedom Flipper” is a successful real estate investor, marketer, serial entrepreneur, speaker, and author. Armed with a hard work ethic and determination, Jason spent years jumping from one dead end job to the next. Never finding his place or passion. Everything from loading trucks, call centers, delivery driver, and Warehouse Manager. Many times barely making ends meet. Jason felt like he was just spinning his wheels.

Jason began studying, reading, and learning about real estate investing. In the Mid 2,000’s before the real estate crash Jason began loaning money to a home builder who would handle the construction and then they would split the profit. This strategy worked well until the crash and then Jason lost all the money he had made using the same strategy. The crash foiled Jason’s plans. Over the next few years Jason rehabbed a few properties and made a small amount of money or broke even. Finally Jason was tired of spinning his wheels and started GT Property Pros, LLC, and in the first year the company started wholesaling properties and quickly moved on to also fixing and flipping houses.

Over the passed years GT Property Pros, LLC has been involved in wholesaling, rehabbing, and new construction. Now Jason has also started JF Designer Homes and continues to wholesale, and fix and flip properties. Jason’s desire to succeed has also extended to those around him. He believes that freedom is within the grasp of everyone who dares to believe in themselves and take massive action toward success. He truly has a desire see others succeed in accomplishing their goals and dreams “The American dream is yours to create. The ambition is already inside of you. You just have to activate it.”

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